Wouter Slegers

This FAQ is copyright © 2002 by Wouter Slegers, Your Creative Solutions.

It may be distributed freely in online electronic form, provided the copyright notice is left intact. Since this FAQ is always available from USENET and the PGP network, there should be no problems getting access to it. However mirrors with outdated versions can confuse the users, so I request you not to mirror this FAQ elsewhere.

If you want to distribute this FAQ on a CD-ROM or similar medium, please contact me for permission first (at ). The same applies for offline distribution as well as use in printed matter.

Table of Contents
About this FAQ
Finding the FAQ
Revision history
1. General questions and introduction
2. Common Problems using PGP
3. Security Questions
4. Keys
5. Message Signatures
6. Key Signatures
7. Revoking a key
8. Public Key Servers
9. Bugs
Glossary of cryptographic terms