Revision history

Revision History
Revision 1.6 30 Feb 2002

The FAQ's maintainer changed from Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet to Wouter Slegers. As part of the new maintainership I'm starting a major overhoal of the whole FAQ. Including:

  • Converted sourcefile of FAQ from the HTML+Orb construct it was to DocBook. This allows easier conversion to popular output formats.

  • Removed many obsolete entries.

  • Added information on GNU Privacy Guard, PGP 5.x and higher, OpenPGP and other news since the last version.

  • Checked and updated the references.

  • Reordered the remaining questions.

  • Removed all email adresses of contributers from the FAQ (thanks to spammers, what once was a tribute is now a curse). Should you wish to contact one of these people, email me at .

The upgrading and restructuring is still far from complete, but the FAQ should be usable in this state. In particular what needs to be done at least:
  • Many questions need to be reordered.

  • The keyserver chapter needs an update to include web-based usage.

  • The outputformats need some cosmetic changes.

Expect an updated version soon. Feedback to is very welcome.